COVID-19 Resources

Let's come together to positively impact human health

The Halloran Task Force

Halloran has formed a company-wide task force to curate information on the impact to the life science industry due to the current COVID-19 environment. We are leveraging our most experienced subject matter experts, using our deep life science experience to assess and address in real time the issues and new challenges facing your programs. The biotech industry was born with the belief that we would change the world, and collectively, we have many times over. We recognize that we can arm your business and our industry with regulatory, clinical, quality, compliance and technology to keep potential lifesaving programs moving forward.

Our insights from the Virtual Town Halls are shared freely in the linked newsletters to support programs designed to treat patients with just about every conceivable medical condition as well as patients with COVID-19. Our firm is committed to positively impacting human health by bringing unwavering commitment and firm resolve to patients, your programs, and your corporate goals. We understand that creativity and expertise will be required to make this happen and ensure business continuity. Your Halloran colleagues are committed to bringing our expertise and creativity to keep your programs and company on track.

Virtual Town Hall Meetings

Halloran hosts weekly virtual town hall meetings to engage our life science community to share experiences and solve for some of the common issues and challenges in real-time. Read the impact newsletters below for a recap on the discussions and our advice. If you’d like to attend the next meeting, please contact us to inquire about an RSVP.